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Lease Options

Specialty Commercial Financial Products Ritalia Funding offers
many types of leases for equipment from $10,000 to $1,000,000

The two most popular leases are:

Fair Market Value (FMV)

This plan is particularly beneficial to those concerned with technological obsolescence. Our Fair Market Value lease is designed for our customers who expect the value of their equipment to decrease quickly, or will want to upgrade their equipment at the end of the lease. At the end of a FMV lease, the lessee has three options: extend the term of the lease, return the equipment, or buy it at its fair market value. With this lease, you generally have lower monthly payments and you can write off 100% of your payments as an operating expense. Please consult your accountant about the tax treatment for your company.

  • Apply with no need to submit financials
  • Tax Advantages**
  • At the end of the lease you pay the remaining
  • value of the equipment or return it.

Dollar Buyout

This option is for those who are fairly certain that their equipment will retain its value. Therefore, they plan to purchase the equipment at the end of the lease. When the lease term expires, you can simply purchase the equipment for a $1 (or $101 depending on your state's tax laws.)

  • Apply with no need to submit financials
  • No Tax Advantages**
  • The lease is structured so the payments pay down the lease with just a $1 buyout at the end of the lease.

Commercial Leases over $100,000

  • Financials may be Required
  • Ideal for more complex transactions
  • Project financing available
  • Equipment lines of credit
  • Tax advantages**

** Consult your tax advisor.

Other popular leases are:

Seasonal Payments

To meet seasonal fluctuations or other cashflow constraints, this type of payment allows you to arrange a payment schedule so that you are making payments that rise and fall with your business' sales peaks.

90-Day Deferred Payments

This payment schedule allows you to make a smaller "contact" payment while deferring regular payments for 90 days. New equipment generally has a learning curve associated with it; thus a deferred payment plan can assist you while you are being trained on the equipment.

Step Down Payments

With this payment program, you will make a larger monthly payment at the beginning of the lease and then your payments will decrease over time. This is designed for businesses that want to lower the total amount of finance charges they pay over the entire lease term.

Step Up Payments

This type of payment can be ideal for growing firms that are looking to start their payments low and increase them over time while revenues from their new equipment increase.

Quarterly Payments

If 12 checks per year is too much for you, then you can make your payments once every quarter.

Master Lease

If you business acquires equipment at different times during the year then a Master Lease Line is for you. Secure an approval for multiple purchases at one time and receive a discounted rate for the entire amount. There is only one Lease Agreement to sign.

10% Purchase Option

For those who like the flexibility of the option to return the equipment or purchase it at the end of the lease, but want to cap their equipment buyout at a certain percent of the equipment cost, this is the option for you.

Master Lease Line

These special programs are designed specifically for the current Ritalia Funding customers. Under these programs, you may qualify for an additional line of credit with us, without providing additional financial statements. The increase in your credit line will depend on your current pay history with Ritalia Funding as well as your current financial status.

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