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About Ritalia Funding

Ritalia Funding was established (2004) to provide leasing expertise and is a highly regarded broker of flexible finance packages on a wide range of business equipment.

We excel in technology financing, but we are capable of financing any type of equipment. We offer programs to finance software, hardware, consulting, services, licensing and any other technology based products. Ritalia is a direct funding source for technology lenders.

Our Advantages

  • Ritalia has a 95% approval ratio due to an excellent credit window

  • Ritalia has the ability to work with all types of credit

  • Ritalia has a DNB department for updates

  • Ritalia offers personalized service

  • Ritalia buys equity and recourse on transactions that require it

  • Ritalia possesses multiple lines with direct technology-lending sources.

  • Ritalia DOES NOT charge any transaction fees

  • Ritalia is not location sensitive.

  • Ritalia specializes in structuring lease transactions that fit the customer's need.

  • Ritalia has a vast experience in the field of ERP platform solutions and any software project, including software-only programs.

  • Ritalia is not equipment sensitive

  • Personal guarantee and disclosing financials are not mandatory.

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